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This year, Israel is calling. Are you ready?

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The 28 year old adventure junkie has been on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas via the iconic Route 66. He has also blazed through snowfall to reach Leh via Manali. The Virtual Systems Engineer at Cisco has a fine hand when it comes to pencil sketching and is fluent in 5 languages.  He is in sync with #exploremore and never backs down from trekking, hiking, cave explorations and rock climbing. The Bangalorean ran amok through all challenges of NTTE Season 2 and now has a confirmed boarding pass that will take him through an adventure of a lifetime.



One look at her credentials and you’ll know why she made the cut. The Doon girl is an evident blogger, author and an avid traveler with a special place in her heart for adventure. Her book, “Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life”, has been applauded by many critics. With an affinity for the hills, the mother of one grabs every opportunity of going to higher places, trekking, hiking and walking through the woods just to catch a glimpse over the clouds.

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Harshit   1507 votes

My love for adventure arise with a lot of incidents, stories and people who have inspired me to lead a life filled with adventure and travel.Its the need to live outside of your comfort zone, see your life with a different point of view and accepting all the new experiences that one will encounter at different point of time during this journey.For me its the thrill of it which attracts and inspires me to go out of this box shaped life and explore something new.This is a neverending passion which is still going on after a bunch of soul filling trips from trekking, sailing to bike trips.

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  • #Challenge 1: Climbed The Kolaba Fort

The land of diversity & creation, Israel is one of the few countries that is home to exotic seas, barren deserts as well as snow-capped mountains, each of which offer breathtaking panoramas. A country that lies at the junction of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa, Israel sure is a unique tourist destination. From the holy cities of Jerusalem & Nazareth and the scenic Golan Heights & Jordan Valley to the spectacular views of the Dead Sea & the Red Sea, it’s no wonder that Israel offers a vast variety of tourist spots. Each of the various cities in Israel offers a distinct & unique experience. Diving, skiing, camel treks, bicycling, clubbing, safaris, ‘step touring’, boat rides, trekking and wine tasting are among the many attractions Israel offers on the palette.

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Ranked by IATA (International Air Transport Association) as one of the most efficient airlines in the world, EL AL has become more than a means of transport from one place to another across the world. EL AL operates on the principles of creativity, efficiency, punctuality and professionalism to meet its passengers' requirements, always. Due to its broad global coverage supported by an international chain of 77 sales offices and warm Israeli hospitality, EL AL was also chosen as one of the world’s top 20 leading airlines by the popular Travel + Leisure magazine.

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